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Street light outages in Westover Park should NOT be reported to RealManage and a work order should not be prepared.  Instead, the resident should report these outages directly to the power company: Texas New Mexico Power 1-888-866-7456. Choose Option 4 and just report the street address closest to the pole that you are reporting. 

Amenity Request


2013 Swim Season and distribution of pool wrist bands
You should be very pleased to know that the distribution of the 2013 pool wrist bands will be handled by Gulf Coast Aquatics, our pool management company at NO COST to the residents.  Here is some important information regarding the pool wrist bands, rules applying to distribution, distribution schedules, etc.

  • Your assessment account must be paid in full with NO outstanding balance.  This includes finance charges and/or late fees that you may have incurred for paying late.  Thank you to everyone who paid on time and those who have paid and are no longer delinquent.  If you are on a payment plan, that is great but wrist bands will not be given out with any outstanding balance owed.
  • The Request for Amenity Access form must be completed and turned in to Gulf Cost Aquatics in order to get your wrist bands – no completed form, no wrist bands.  It is our record keeping requirement.
  • If you lose a wrist band, replacement bands will cost you $1 per band – no exceptions
  • Distribution Schedule:

At the Community Pool:


  • Wrist bands are only for residents and live in family members (maximum of 8 per household).  Guests are not to have wrist bands and must be accompanied by a resident with a wrist band.
  • The 2014 Request for Amenity Facility Access can be found at MyWestoverPark.com website - here.
  • You must bring and show a driver’s license or utility bill or something that has your WOP address and your name on it.  If you are leasing, bring a copy of your lease.

Pool party rentals
Call Gulf Coast Aquatics at 281-538-7946 to inquire about private pool party rentals. Assessments must be paid in full.

Gulf Coast Aquatics and RealManage

Real Manage
11777 Katy Freeway, Suite 441
Houston,  TX 77079
Phone: 866-473-2573

Gulf Coast Aquatics, Inc.
351 Columbia Memorial Pkwy, Ste B
Kemah, TX  77565
Phone: 281-538-7946
Fax: 281-538-9093

RealManage is the new management company for our community association and they are accessible via phone at 1-866-473-2573 (7:30am - 7pm Mon thru Fri) with an after hours emergency answering service and via email at service@realmanage.com  Our fax number is 281-582-6400.  Please make sure you register on the Westover Park Resident Portal.  Go to www.realmanage.com and click on the Resident Portal and follow the easy log on instructions.
Pool Wrist Band registration update:  If you did not register with the prior management company or did not receive your 2010 pool wrist bands, you can swim at the community pool weekends in May without a wrist band.  Applications are available at the pool with the lifeguards or with RealManage or on this website.  Please allow ample time for processing and mailing.  No bands will be distributed at the pool and walk in traffic at the office is not encouraged.  Assessments must be paid in full with a $0 balance in order to obtain wrist bands - no exceptions.  No pay, No play.
RealManage will process all home improvement applications for your community.  Please remit it to our office along with the check payable to RealManage.  Applications will not be processed without the processing fee.  Please make sure that all information is included or your application may be returned requesting additional information.
Assessment Accounts:  Assessment information was passed on by the prior management company.  RealManage will be sending out invoices in June based on the records of the prior management company.  Any homeowner who receives a past due statement who disagrees with the balance is asked to promptly notify RealManage with documentation (cancelled check or other proof of payment) so that the matter may be resolved.  Anyone who does not have a zero balance on their account will not be permitted to register for pool wrist bands or for pool parties.

You must register as a resident to see these documents. Click here to register.


Click on the links to the left. Print them and mail them in for Architectural Reviews, Pool Tages, Key for the Bathroom at the Playground Area, or view/print Deed Restrictions.

Rec Center #1
2013 Pool Schedule
(closed Mondays except Monday Holidays then closed that Tuesday)
June 7th - August 25th
Tuesday - Friday 11am - 8pm
Saturday, Sunday 12pm - 8pm
Closed on Mondays

August 31st - September 29th
Saturday 12pm - 8pm
Sunday 12pm - 8pm
Labor Day 12pm - 8pm



No Motorized Vehicles on Common Areas, Walkways - It is a Safety Issue
There are no motorized vehicles of any type permitted on any common areas within the community.  We have received several complaints of late about this.  It is a safety issue and a nuisance to others who are walking or jogging and trying to enjoy the neighborhood.

Vehicle Repairs and Parking
You cannot store your vehicle in the street or your driveway.  It must be driven, currently licensed and operable.  If you are working on your vehicle, just simple stuff like changing a tire or an oil change, be considerate of your neighbors and do it in your driveway or in the street in front of your house and not in front of someone else's house please

Home Improvements
Please mail your application to P. O. box 1416  LaPorte, TX 77572 along with a $!5 check payable to RealManage.  The application cannot be processed until the check is received.  The application form is on the Resident Portal at www.realmanage.com and yes, the fee wnet up from $10 to $15.  If you email your application or fax it, it will be put in pending till the check is received.

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